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+A Easy Movie Database
With +A Easy Movie Database you can create a big or small database of your favorite movies and/or series.
$0.00     ver. 1.0     2012-07-26     788 KB     Conity Software LLC

Album Tracker
Album Tracker is a software program to organize your music and CD collection.
$0.00     ver. 5.0     2010-04-26     666 KB     Duck Software

AlbumEasy is a layout program for designing and generating custom stamp album pages.
$0.00     ver. 2.2     2006-06-09     630 KB     Bundu Technology Ltd.

AshSofDev Alphabetizer
Alphabetize text from file or add the words manually..
$0.00     ver.     2012-04-23     3329 KB     AshSofDev

Bird Watcher Professional
This is the Number 1 free software for Bird Watching and Bird Watchers worldwide.
$0.00     ver. 11.0     2010-05-03     1215 KB Software

Book Tracker Collector Edition
An easy to use and free book organizer, Book Tracker Collectors Edition is a great choice for small libraries and book collectors alike.
$0.00     ver. 5.1     2011-06-02     891 KB     Duck Software

With BookDB you can enter all your books with author, category, publisher etc and print them out in a variety of formats.
$0.00     ver. 2.2.13     2008-04-11     2599 KB     Spacejock Software

Bookie is a small and free personal book manager software that can be used to organize book, book's category, book's publisher, etc.
$0.00     ver. 0.9     2006-01-19     243 KB     Stefanus Wiria

chandeliers home chandeliers, crystal chandeliers, modern chandeliers, foyer chandeliers.
$0.00     ver. 2010.10.01     2010-10-01     131 KB     chandeliers

CoinManage UK Coin Collecting Software
Use CoinManage UK coin collecting software to easily & accurately catalogue your UK Coin Collection.
$0.00     ver. 2006     2006-04-16     48997 KB     Liberty Street Software

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